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Dilion Hotel is located in Parikia, capital of Paros
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Kolimbithres Paros: The beach of Kolimbithres is one of the most famous beaches of Paros and is located in the huge bay of Naoussa, or Plastira Bay. This beach is particularly impressive because of the huge blocks of granite boarding it, sculpted into strange smooth shapes by the sea and the wind over the centuries. Small sandy coves are lining one after another, constituting the beach of Kolimbithres (whose name means swimming pools), and allowed, sometimes, to some lucky ones to have their own private tiny bay. Sun beds and umbrellas can be hired in some of the beaches and some water sports facilities are even available. A few beach bars and taverns can be found along the road leading to the beach. Kolimbithres can be reached from the asphalted road (by local bus or private transportation) or by small fishing boats (caiques) which leave regularly from the port of Naoussa.

Golden Beach Paros: Golden Beach, located south of Parikia, is considered to be one of the best beaches of Paros. Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti) is a long golden sandy beach extending for 700 metres, famous by windsurfers for its ideal wind conditions. Every August the Professional Windsurfing World Cup is organized on this beach, gathering many windsurfing celebrities. Golden Beach is fully organized offering plenty of windsurf facilities. Many hotels, apartments and rooms for rent are available in the area. This beaches are reachable from the asphalted road by local buses or private way of transportation.

Santa Maria Paros: Santa Maria is located near Naoussa, in Plastira Bay and is a long coastline divided in two soft, golden sandy beaches which offer a beautiful view on the island of Naxos and the crystal emerald waters. The first is commonly known as Santa Maria Camping due to the nearby site. They both face onto Aliki Bay. The second is about a kilometer beyond the first and is on the right side of the road. It is a nice bay with good views. The snorkeling here is recommended and there is also a diving school. The first Santa Maria Beach offers an even more beautiful view of Naxos island. The beach is long with some loungers and in in the middle you will find the diving and windsurfing centre. The water is perfect and clear and the sun drenched sand whiter than you will find on other parts of the island. It is fully organized, with sun beds, umbrellas and water sports facilities for windsurfing, scuba diving, paddle boats, etc. A campsite is located behind the beaches and makes it really crowded during the pick season of July and August. The beach of Santa Maria in Paros can be reached by local bus or by boats departing from the harbour of Naoussa.

New Golden Beach Paros: This long sandy beach is well known as one of the most ideal locations in the Mediterranean for water sports and mostly for wind surfing. It is located 22km away from Parikia, near the tourist village of Logaras. True to its name, the beach is famous for the golden sand and the crystal water. There are many water sports centers that provide training for all ages. It is very well-organized with umbrellas, sundecks and bars offering food and drink. It has a great tourist infrastructure with hotels and rooms to rent. Along with the closeby Golden beach, it is considered a true paradise for wind surfers and a great swimming location for tourists around the world.

Parasporos Paros: Parasporos is located south of Parikia, the capital of Paros, next to a campsite, which is the reason why it is often very crowded. It is a large beach with emerald waters and golden sand. A couple of beach bars are available on the beach and organise a few parties during summer time, with dancing and drinking all night long. Parasporos Beach is reachable by local bus that stops nearby the beach or by private car for a good asphalted road leads to it. The beach is well sign posted from the town. If you take the first turning you can park above the beach, otherwise there is a second turning with a car park on the same level.

Monastiri Paros: Monastiri Beach (the beach of the monastery of Agios Ioannis) is located a couple of kilometres after the beach of Kolimbithres, in a small rocky bay surrounded by huge rocky hills. This beach lies in the Agios Ioannis Bay and if you look up to your right you can see the Monastery (hence the two names for the beach). To your left lie some imposing rocks. This beach is teeming with sun loungers and busy. The water stays at waist level for a good 100 metres and there is good opportunity for snorkeling. The sand is surprisingly deep and very sludgy. This beautiful sandy beach has crystalline waters and is very popular for its beauty, so it can get really crowded during July and August. It is also known to be a famous spot where yachts come to moor. Sun beds and umbrellas can be rent from the huge tavern overlooking the beach and water sports facilities are also available. In summer, various events are organized on Monastiri Beach such as concerts, beach parties, various contests, etc. This beach is reachable from the asphalted road passing nearby or by boats, leaving regularly from the harbour of Naoussa.

Pounda Paros: Pounda Beach is one of the most famous and most crowded beaches of Paros and reminds of the Paradise Beach in Mykonos. It is a fully organized beach located 2 kilometres from Logaras (south east of Parikia) which offers a big tourist complex with many interesting facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, shops, sea sports material, bungee jumping, etc. Most of the visitors are going to Pounda for its various beach facilities and for its loud music and endless parties. To get to the beach you have to pass through the bar area with the swimming pool in the middle. If you want to use the loungers then you are expected to buy a drink from one of the bars behind them. The beach itself is quite straight and about 250m long. Pounda Beach can be reached by asphalted road, by local buses of private transportation.

Livadia Paros: There are a couple of scruffy beaches on the main town's waterfront but this is the closest authentic beach to Parikia, the capital of Paros, 700 meters from the harbour divided in several different sections from fully organized one with sun beds, umbrellas and water sports facilities to more wild ones, shadowed by the trees that are boarding it. As Livadia Beach is located close to the campsite of Parikia, it can easily get crowded with young people.

Krios Paros: Krios is a lovely beach situated very close to the centre of Parikia, just 2km away. It is a long sandy beach with crystalline waters that are surrounded by a bay and are well protected from strong summer winds. The beach is well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks and has small taverns that serve food and drinks. Krios has a great view of the town of Parikia and the surrounding landscape. The access is very easy by public transport and you will also find a large parking area, next to the beach.

Logaras Paros: Logaras beach is located in the south of Paros Greece, 20 km away from the island's capital, Parikia. Logaras beach is situated a couple of Km away from the village of Piso Livadi. Logaras is a long sandy beach. It is surrounded by bars and hotels. It is a medium size beach while the sand is rather stony.

Ambelas Paros: Ambelas is a small yet lovely fishing village located 12,5 km far from Paros town and 5km from Naoussa. It has a small sandy beach where all the fishing boats come to. Mostly famous for the fishing port and the delicious fish taverns, Ambelas is a nice alternative if you don't want to stay in the busy town of Naoussa. The water is crystal clear and safe for the children. It is not an organized beach but it is a nice place for those who prefer the tranquil locations. The sea front taverns and the traditional restaurants offer some of the greatest fish food on Paros.

Farangas Paros: Located on the southern side of the island, 3 km from Alyki, Farangas is a nice beach with crystal water. Part of this beach is unorganized, while at one side there is a small beach bar. It can be reached only by private means.

Glyfa Paros: Glyfa is a small sandy beach located near the village of Drios, on the eastern coast of Paros Greece. It is a very calm beach only known by locals and accidentally discovered by some tourists in car or scooter.

Marchello Paros: Marchello is located in Parikia bay in Paros and is facing the island's capital. Unlike the regular beaches, Martselo or Marchello consists of a series of rocky coves, just around the corner from Krios beach. They offer a bit of seclusion used exclusively by nudists. But they are also easy to get to with just a short journey around the bay from Parikia to reach them. Just behind the beach of Marchello is one of the campsites of Paros which offers many facilities. Regular caiques are leaving the port of Parikia to Marchello beach, but it can also be reached by the asphalted road.

Agali Paros: The sandy bay of Agali is located on the south eastern side of the island, between the popular resorts of Golden beach and Drios. The strong winds that blow in the region make Agali a nice alternate windsurfing spot from the busy Golden beach.

Agia Irini Paros: The small beach of Agia Irini is located a few kilometres south of Parikia and is boarded with beautiful palm trees, giving to the place a tropical atmosphere. A lovely church of the same name stands right on the beachfront. This is a dreamy site but it can get crowded sometimes for it is really small. Just behind the beach is a very relaxing campsite, almost non-organized, full of palm trees and olive trees and has a very good tavern serving a big variety of Greek traditional food. Agia Irini beach is located far away from the asphalted road and has to be reached from a footpath.

Agioi Anargyri Paros: Agioi Anargyri is a small bay in close distance to Naoussa, on the northern side of Paros. Part of this beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, while the rest is secluded. Due to its distance to Naoussa, the second largest village of Paros, this beach gets pretty frequented in summer.

Agios Fokas Paros:
Agios Fokas is a small unorganized beach at the entrance of Parikia Bay. It is located at a distance of 6 km from Parikia, the capital of the island, and some of the most popular beaches on Paros, such as Krios and Livadia. However, this beach doesn't get much frequented in summer and provides a nice alternative for peace and privacy.

Agios Nikolaos Paros: Agios Nikolaos is a sandy bay on the southern side of the island, close to Alyki. This beach is not organized and has crystal clear water.

Boudari Paros: This is a small beach on the south eastern side of Paros, between the popular resorts of Golden Beach and Drios. Unorganized and remote, this tiny beach doesn't get much frequented in summer, so it provides a nice environment for isolation.

Delfini Paros: The official name of this beach is Souvlia, but the locals call it Delfini from the name of a beach bar that is located on this beach. The maps refer to it with both names. The long beach has nice sand and crystal water. It is located south of Parikia, right after the ancient site of Asklepieion. Normally it doesn't get popular, so it offers a nice spot to relax.

Fykia Paros: Fykia is a small beach found a couple of km before Naoussa, on the way from Parikia to Naoussa. Although it is located in a region that gets popular in summer, this beach still keeps its secluded ambience. It is unorganized and the shore is partly sandy and partly pebbled.

Kalogeras Paros: This small beach is surrounded by an arid hilly environment. The shore is partly sandy and partly pebbled, but the water is always crystal. Kalogeras is located in a walking distance from Molos, on the eastern side of the island and north of the popular resort of Logaras. This coast is not organized and receives few visitors every summer.

Kaminia Paros: Kaminia is a long unorganized beach at the entrance of Parikia Bay. Situated only 6 km from Parikia and right next to the popular beach of Krios, Kaminia offers a relaxing alternative to the busy beaches of the region.

Katholiko Paros: Katholiko is a small rocky beach on the northern side of the island, right after the popular beach of Monastiri. Due to its secluded environment and the rocky coast, Katholiko doesn't get frequented at all. It is accessible by private means, not by public transportation.

Kladia Paros: Kladia is a small secluded beach on the south western side of Paros Cyclades. Geographically it is located between Alyki and the port of Pounta. Reached through a track road, this beach is totally unorganized and rarely receives visitors. Therefore, it provides an isolated environment to relax, even in high season.

Krotiri Aliki Paros: Apart from the busy resort of Krotiri close to Parikia, there is also another beach with the same name, located on the southern side of the island, in close distance to Alyki. This beach is pebbled and unorganized. Due to its secluded location, it doesn't get frequented and remains a lovely place to relax in total privacy.

Langeri Paros: A map is required to find Langeri or Lageri. Take the final left turning before Santa Maria Camping and drive as far as the road goes. Walk from here to the small, delightful church and turn right along the path, you will eventually come to the beach. The area is nice and secluded. It is because of this that the beach attracts a number of nudists and indeed is predominantly nudist. Away from the road it is very peaceful and there are bushes nearby for shade.

Limnes Paros: Limnes is a long, sandy beach on the northern side of the island, on the way from Naoussa to Kolimbithres. Located at a distance of 4 km west of Naoussa, this beach is unorganized, therefore it doesn't get crowded in summer. With soft sand and crystal water, Limnes is surrounded by short vegetation. Opposite this beach, there is the small islet of Agia Kali.

Messada Paros: Messada is a long beach with white sand and crystal water. Located on the south eastern side of the island, Messada is frequently affected by the winds, especially in the afternoon, which makes it a nice spot for windsurfing. In fact, it offers a quieter alternative to Golden Beach, the most popular windsurfing spot of Paros, which is situated a couple of km south of Messada.

Molos Paros: This small sandy beach is located nearby the village of Marmara (and is one of the many beaches of the area. All those beaches are real paradises, with deep blue clear waters, golden soft sand and a magnificent view on the island of Naxos. Because they are all situated far from the main asphalted road (a few km away) they are always calm and almost deserted, even during the pick season of July and August. There is no development here and you can have lot of space to yourself. The only downside is the wind. These unspoiled beauties can be reached by an asphault road but only with a private vehicle because there is no local bus that serves these itineraries. You can see a nice Cycladic church to your left and behind you the imposing Agios Antonios looms.

Pigadaki Paros: Situated on the southernmost side of Paros, this beach is secluded and rarely receives visitors. It is not organized and can be reached through a track road, which discourages any possible swimmers. However, the crystal water, the short greenery and the calm ambience provides a nice place for total privacy and relaxation. The closest tourist resort is Alyki.

Piperi Paros: Snorkeling or just sunbathing among the rocks, Piperi beach is Naoussa's most important beach and it is just about 50 meters walk from the main road leading to the center of the town and about 250 meters from Naoussa's main fishing port. It is a tiny yet scenic beach and is really perfect for swimming, scuba diving and even fishing with a view of Naoussa and its bay at a distance. It is about 350 meters from the town of Parikia with its eateries and bars. Piperi Beach at Naoussa offers a wide choice of hotels, studios, cafes, tavernas and other exotic lodges. One can catch a glimpse of the hillside from the Piperi Beach, which is quite stunning. Piperi Beach is sometimes classified into the Megalo and Mikro Piperi (large and small beach). Both beaches are sandy and have crystal water.

Platia Ammos Paros: This is a secluded beach on the southern side of Paros, just a couple of km from Alyki. A track path leads to Platia Ammos, a narrow coast that offers plenty of relaxation and privacy.

Tripiti Paros: A small bay on the southern side of Paros, Tripiti is located between the tourist resorts of Drios and Alyki. However, it doesn't get popular at all and remains a small beach to relax, away from the noisy crowds. The beach is unorganized with sand and rocks.

Tsoukalia Paros: Tsoukalia is a long and sandy beach on the eastern coast of the island, between the villages Molos and Ambelas and close to Glyfades beach. The beach is partly isolated and consists of two natural coves, with white pebbles and fine sand. Many tourist amenities are found close to this beach, including studios, hotels, villas and traditional taverns. Tsoukalia is particularly popular to practice kiteboarding. The stable winds that blow on this beach have attracted many kite surfers there. The beach is though quite difficult to approach, because the road leading there is quite rough. There is no local bus to Tsoukalia, so you have to use a car or motorbike.

Voutakos Paros: Geographically situated between Alyki and the port of Pounda, on the south western side of Paros, Voutakos is a small secluded beach that doesn't get frequented at all. The sandy beach of Voutakos is reached by car up to a point and then visitors take a short paved path to the beach. It takes no more that 10 minutes walking to get to this beach.

Xifara Paros: At a distance of 3 km east of Naoussa, on the way to Santa Maria, Xifara is a small beach that usually doesn't get much frequented. Unorganized and pebbled, Xifara provides a nice ambience to relax.