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  • 1st Sunday of July: Fish and wine festival in Naoussa
  • July 16-17: The Agia Marina festival in Antiparos
  • July 17: Revival of the “Tsambouna” (windpipe musical instrument) in Naoussa
  • July 24: The Agia Anna festival in Paroikia
  • August 6: The Sotiros (Lord Saviour) festival (Alyki, Marpissa)
  • August 6: The Metamorfossis tou Sotiros (Transfiguration of our Lord Saviour) festival in Naoussa
  • August 15: The Panagia (Virgin Mary) festival in Paroikia, the most important festival on the island, when in the evening each and every craft in the harbor turn on their lights and numerous fireworks light up the sky. Concerts, traditional dances and various other happenings take place on the Paroikia waterfront
  • August 23: The “9th day’s ritual of the Panagia” (nine days after her Dormition), re-enactment of the attack by Barbarossa and his pirates against Naoussa
  • August 27: The Agios Fanourios festival in Ambelas
  • August 28-29: The Agios Ioannis Detis festival (Naoussa, Dryos, Lefkes)
  • Beginning of September: The “Trata” (net fishing) festival in Paroikia
  • September 8: The Panagia Faneromeni (Antiparos, Marmara)
  • September 14: The Stavros (Holy Cross) festival in Alyki
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